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INFOTECH Platform Infotech 4sides


Infotech 4sides

A comprehensive program solving basic user coordination, task management, reference data management and reports generation tasks.

Goals of implementation

  • Task management


    Task management

    Task creation and editing, mapping addresses, adding extended information make it possible to speed up and simplify task assignment process.

  • User performance and location control


    User performance and location control

    User selection for task execution, displaying progress and availability make it possible to coordinate operations with maximum efficiency.

  • Reporting



    History of user movements and task completion statuses make it possible to generate reports on the basis of individual parameters.

  • Centralized maintenance of information reference manuals


    Centralized maintenance of information reference manuals

    Maintaining information about objects with additional informational reference manuals and displaying data on a map.

Key elements and functions of the System

  • Task management

    • makes it possible to create, edit and delete tasks
    • define user for tasks execution
    • configure task statuses and send links for progress tracking
    • filtering tool makes it possible to display tasks only for those users to whom they are assigned
  • User management

    • viewing activity and availability status, information on completed and running tasks, attended locations
  • User location monitoring

    • displaying current location of the assignee. Saving and viewing visited locations with assignment to tasks
  • Reports generation module

    • reports generation according to custom parameters supporting data export and import functionality
  • Extended reference manual on objects and tasks

    • create detailed description of task and fulfillment location with documents, schemes, photos, etc.
  • Custom maps

    • configure maps by custom parameters for the accurate display of information

Benefits of implementation

  • Economic
  • Administrative
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Technological
  • Economic benefits

    The volume of completed tasks increases as task assignment requires less time.

    Integrated analytics functionality makes it possible to save time during the preparation of reports. The consolidation of large volumes of information does not require additional human resources.

  • Administrative benefits

    Analytic functions of the System deliver a complete and accurate view of tasks. Thus, they make it possible to respond rapidly to emerging incidents and make efficient managerial decisions.

    Ensures the transparency of the actions of all parties during request processing, making it possible to evaluate each link and make conclusions on participants' efficiency and process organization.

    Administering system users allows efficient distribution of tasks between owners.

    User administration makes it possible to manage map access permissions.

  • Informational benefits

    Determining employees' location makes it possible to coordinate their actions and choose the most appropriate employee closest to the desired location.

    Color representation of task statuses on the map makes it possible to perceive information quickly and estimate efficiency of work processes.

    Ability to provide access to information using the map publishing tool, access management, roles definition and sending short links for publication on the Internet.

  • Communication benefits

    Provides transparency within the whole tasks dispatching chain: from Customer to Assignee.

    All participants rapidly receive information in the single system through mobile applications and an intuitive web interface.

  • Technological benefits

    Flexible integration with third-party software.

    Convenient and easy-to-understand interfaces for mobile and web applications.

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