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INFOTECH Platform Infotech Intellect

The product is included in the Russian Software Register

Innovative tool for
predictive analytics

There is always a solution: just
extract it from the Big Data


analyzes the events and predicts the situations that affect the operation of machines and equipment, as well as employees and customer behavior. The technology makes it possible to identify hidden regularities and stereotyped patterns through the analysis of historical and operational data, and to construct a forecast model.

How Infotech Intellect works with data

  • Collecting current and historical data from various sources

  • Real-time data analysis

  • Recording events

  • Identifying regularities (data mining)

  • Memorizing the experience

  • Detailing of forecast models

  • Identifying deviations from the forecast model

Predictive Analytics for Business

Infotech Group’s Industry Expertise

Power Grid Enterprise


  • a large number of diverse, non-integrated systems for collecting data on the state of infrastructure
  • analysis of emergency events is difficult, proactive monitoring is impossible (there is no integrated event-based model)


  • deploying the INFOTECH INTELLECT node for centralized collection, storage and processing of data
  • deploying nodes on individual sites, to monitor and send data to the kernel
  • integrating INFOTECH INTELLECT with existing software components and sensors
  • building a forecast model of customer infrastructure



less downtime


reduction in losses from services not delivered to consumers


lower cost of infrastructure maintenance due to prevention of equipment failure

Solution for electric grid companies using technology

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Transportation Company


  • a large number of diverse non-integrated systems for collecting data on the status and operation of vehicles
  • impossible to predict vehicle breakdowns
  • decrease in transportation enterprise productivity and increased operating costs


  • deploying the INFOTECH INTELLECT kernel for centralized collection, storage and processing of data
  • integrating INFOTECH INTELLECT with existing software components and sensors installed in vehicles
  • building a solution based on INFOTECH INTELLECT, using customer infrastructure



increased productivity of the transportation enterprise


less downtime of vehicles


decreased accident rate of vehicles

Solution for transportation companies using technology

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Mining enterprising


  • lack of monitoring of the infrastructure supporting the production process
  • impossible to accurately forecast infrastructure maintenance costs
  • impossible to predict infrastructure downtime


  • selection of a technical solution for monitoring the condition of moving belt elements
  • deployment of the solution based on INFOTECH INTELLECT
  • data accumulation and building a forecast model together with the customer’s technical experts on repair and methodology
  • integration with the maintenance system for repair planning



lower cost of equipment ownership of equipment


less downtime

ability to schedule repairs according to the equipment’s condition

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The Predictive Analysis Tool INFOTECH INTELLECT
is also used in other areas:

  • Agriculture

  • Building

  • Finance

  • Logistics

is based on innovative technologies

Technological advantages

  • Linkage with any sensors and equipment

  • Deployment on nodes next to data sources

  • Integration with any software components (ERP, MES, MDM)

  • Processing millions of events per second in real-time mode

  • Recording the context and data on the location of machinery and equipment when building forecasts

  • Recording the slightest changes for rapid response

  • Data analysis "on the fly", without the need to connect to the cloud (offline)

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