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Authorized centers of the INFOTECH platform

Authorized centers for the development of the INFOTECH platform

Infotech Group has a wide range of platform software solutions, as well as a number of standard business options based on our products.

However, the upgrade and customization of these options to fit customers’ business requirements requires special knowledge and experience in working with our platform.

By contacting an authorized center for the development of the INFOTECH platform, you can count on uncompromising quality when it comes to implementing and upgrading INFOTECH software products in line with the requirements of your business.

During the authorization process, Infotech Group checks to make sure that the experts of a development center are qualified and experienced enough to work with INFOTECH platform programs, and if they have experience in delivering business solutions based on this platform.

List of Authorized Centers

To obtain a list of authorized centers for the development of the INFOTECH platform, as well as recommendations on selecting a specific development center based on the areas of applicable software solutions, please provided us with your contact details, as well as a brief description of your company’s activities, in the form below.

Which Infotech Group products are you interested in?

Platform Infotech
Perspective developments

For what purposes do you plan to use the products of Infotech Group?

Which software products would you like to integrate with them?

Platform Infotech
Perspective developments

Conditions for obtaining the status

Of the Authorized Center for the Development of the INFOTECH Platform
The status of an Authorized Center for the Development of the INFOTECH Platform is granted after completing the authorization procedure, which includes checking and evaluating the application for status and the attached documents confirming the applicants compliance with the prerequisites for obtaining the status, as well as the information provided.

Obtaining the status of an Authorized Center

  1. Apply for a status

    The application should be submitted in free form on the company’s letterhead and signed by an authorized individual.
    The application for obtaining the status of an Authorized Development Center may be filed on behalf of a legal entity registered in Russia, an individual entrepreneur or a representative office of a foreign legal entity.
  2. The following scanned documents should be attached to the application:

    • Articles of Association

      For legal entities
    • Passport

      For individual entrepreneurs
    • Extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) or Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (EGRIP)

      issued not earlier than one month prior to the date on which the application is signed
  3. To obtain the status of an Authorized Center for the Development of the INFOTECH Platform, the following conditions must be met:

    • The development center has, among its personnel, at least three experts who have received one or more IGCTS certificates (Infotech Group Certified Technology Specialist).
    • The personnel of the development center includes at least three experts who have received one or more IGCAD certificates (Infotech Group Certified Application Developer).
    • At least five successfully implemented projects related to the development of business solutions based on the products of the Infotech Group platform and/or integration of the existing IT landscape with the products of Infotech Group.
    If confidential information is included in the documents submitted, the applicant may provide it after signing a non-disclosure agreement with Infotech Group or make it illegible unless its absence affects compliance with the mandatory requirements.
  4. Please send the scans of the application and attached documents to the following address:

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