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Products Infotech Garnizon


Infotech Garnizon

Comprehensive monitoring and security activities management system.

The Complex
is used by

  • FSUE Okhrana of Rosgvardiya

  • Private Security Company
    “Alfa SB-7”

Goals of implementation

  • Single accounting


    Single accounting

    All information about contracts, customers, protection sites and technical equipment is gathered in a single center.

  • Tasks completion


    Tasks completion

    Ability to assign tasks and transfer data to employees' mobile devices allow employees to respond quickly.

  • Vehicle and cargo


    Vehicle and cargo

    Supervision of vehicle and cargo movement with tracking devices.

  • Security guards
    location control


    Security guards
    location control

    Security guards location control with monitoring system.

  • Registration for security monitoring service


    Registration for security monitoring service

    All protection sites are located in a single geoinformational space.

  • Prompt response


    Prompt response

    Capturing all security system changes, informing about incidents in the real time. Reports generation on the basis of events and data.

  • Provision
    of resources


    of resources

    Automation of processes related to security guards and the provision of protection sites provision with material and technical resources.

Key elements and functions of the Complex

  • Personnel accounting and resources provision system

    • collection and storing of information on personnel and protected sites
    • accounting of infrastructure objects' material and technical resources
  • Protection sites monitoring and control

    • collection and processing of data from sensors in a single monitoring system, information routing to the assignee, protection sites control
  • Vehicle monitoring

    • location control, operating tasks management, information logging
  • Analytic system and reporting

    • analysis and classification of data reported from protection sites
    • reports generation, notifications on violations and incidents
  • Centralized decision-making system

    • focused view of tasks in progress and incident logging
    • simulation of possible incidents and event scenarios, trainings for employees based on these models

Software suite implementation benefits

  • Economic
  • Administrative
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Technological
  • Economic benefits

    The Complex provides maximum automation of operator tasks, allowing them to accept and process more requests per unit of time.

    Integrated analytics functionality makes it possible to save time during the preparation of reports. The consolidation of large volumes of information does not require additional human resources.

    The system supports accounting and inventory management of employees' material and technical resources, making it possible to optimize costs related to provision of resources.

    The System can be easily tailored to the customer's needs, thus reducing the costs of utilizing multiple software systems in various departments.

    Decreases costs for vehicle fleet operations through vehicle movement monitoring and registration. The system makes it possible to eliminate fuel leaks, to establish route completion control, to perform comprehensive data collection from all sensors installed on vehicles, to monitor the life-cycle of a vehicle and its components.

    Personnel costs optimization: automatic trip tickets issuing, automatic dispatching, remote medical inspection via terminals.

  • Administrative benefits

    Automatic document and report issuing and generation due to information consolidated into a single database.

    Analytic functionality makes it possible to generate comprehensive view of all stages of work. The System makes it possible to start solving any issue immediately and take correct decisions.

    The actions of all participants during request processing become transparent through the display of the assigned tasks, defined owners, timing and reporting in a single system. This makes it possible to evaluate each link and make conclusions about a participant's performance efficiency and process organization.

    Maintains analytic reporting based on custom parameters for comprehensive decision-making processes analysis and optimization.

  • Informational benefits

    Ensures the transparency of the tasks and assignments distribution process.

    Configures a single information database with differentiated levels of access for organizations/employees by objects and tasks.

    Ensures 24x7 information support, configuring notifications and alerts for possible faults, incidents and the exceeding of threshold values for protected objects.

  • Communication benefits

    Provides transparency within the whole chain of tasks and assignments distribution: from Requester to Assignee, by displaying information on the tasks assigned, owners, jobs status and errors.

    All participants immediately receive information in a single system. Mobile application and intuitive web interface make it possible to manage tasks, display the closest assignees on a map and adjust tasks in the real time.

  • Technological benefits

    Flexible integration with third-party software.

    Integration with various systems and appliances.

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