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Infotech Group system performs infrastructure monitoring for FSUE "Okhrana" of Rosgvardia

Posted on November 16 2018

Infotech Group has upgraded the system for monitoring security infrastructure facilities at a branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Okhrana” of Rosgvardia. The solution is ready for scaling to all the branches of the enterprise.

In the course of the upgrade, business processes of the accounting and control of facilities, personnel and security equipment were automated. The process included entering data on the signed contracts on site protection, accounting records on militarized protection sites and the measures taken, a tally of security workers and security equipment, records on time worked, resource planning and reporting on the key figures.

“The upgrade will enable the FSUE "Okhrana" of the Rosgvardia to improve work efficiency and ensure the control over compliance with the conditions under site protection contracts,” said Stanislav Galagan, Security line Director of Infotech Group. “In particular, the enterprise will be able to plan the best possible way to perform activities and use the relevant resources in accordance with the signed contracts, to reduce the labor and time costs of employees when searching for documents and information on sites and security equipment, and to build flexible reporting. The system will also simplify the monitoring of the terms of contractual documents, the periods of operation of the security equipment, and will make it possible to monitor the arrival of security workers to their workplaces.”

In the course of the works performed, the system for monitoring security infrastructure sites was integrated with the related enterprise systems, in particular, the vehicle self-monitoring system and dispatching system. Thus, the employees of FSUE "Okhrana" of Rosgvardia are now able to work in a single information environment, with various modules and interconnected systems that complement each other. The FSUE "Okhrana" of Rosgvardia is a multi-pillar institution consisting of 81 branches and the Central Office. The company provides services for the militarized protection of sites, protection of goods during transportation, console protection, as well as the installation and operation of technical security equipment.