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Infotech Group has automated United Energetic Company car fleet

Posted on April 05 2017

The United Energy Company (UEC) automated the processes of accounting, monitoring and operation of vehicles, introducing a new information system developed by the Infotech Group. In addition to the web version, multifunctional mobile applications were created for employees and executives.

The system of accounting, monitoring and operation of vehicles (AMOV) combined UEC’s territorially distributed structural subdivisions in the integrated information field. This simplified the control, coordination and management of the affiliated car service, optimizing the costs as well.

AMOV is connected to 11 electric grid areas serviced by UEC, the car service, as well as the company’s management. At the first phase, more than 130 users gained access to the AMOV. Altogether, the system can cater for at least 1000 employees.

Thanks to Infotech Group’s development, it became possible to conduct online monitoring of work processes and manage the car park resources. The movement of vehicles is visualized on an interactive map. Now the company can track the location of all 327 cars or each vehicle individually, view their route and speed in real time, and select the control zones (Central Administrative district, East AD, North-West AD, Troitsky and Novomoskovsky AD etc.) on the map. In addition, the system delivers current detailed information about each car and its driver, and makes it possible to set tasks for drivers, monitor their performance, and control fuel consumption.   

AMOV automated and simplified the accounting procedures. All data is now consolidated in an integrated space. The system quickly generates summary reports or reports on the given parameters. Reports can be obtained on the operation of transport units and fuel consumption, on travel lists, on car washing, and on pre-trip medical examinations; the system can also generate an analysis of traffic violations, an accident record book, a report on checking fuel balances, a plan for the use of cars and special equipment, etc. The prepared documents are easy to download in any convenient format, such as .doc, .pdf, .exl, .rtf.

The functions available in the web interface are also featured in mobile applications. So, the geoinformation application Automap makes it possible to monitor vehicles with visualization of information on an online map. In the application intended for controllers, monitoring and reporting functions are implemented. The application for drivers allows them to view their tasks, use the navigation on the established route, and contact the controller.

AMOV is developed on the basis of the software package INFOTECH AUTODATA, one of the flagship products of the Infotech Group. The package is designed to automate the accounting and control of the transport infrastructure in enterprises of any scale, regardless of their specific activities.

Looking back, Infotech Group was recognized as the winner of the United Energy Company competitive tenders for the development and implementation of several IT systems in the autumn of 2016. After the introduction of the AMOV, Infotech Group will provide technical maintenance and support the system’s users.

Infotech Group is a Russian software development company for government agencies, large corporations, medium and small businesses. Its clients lists features the Ministry of Transport of Russia, Roscosmos, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, United Energy Company, Russian River Register, Moscow City Government, Moscow Region Government, the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and others. The company’s products are included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases. Infotech Group has licenses and certificates for working with state secrets, designing fire safety equipment, developing information security tools, developing and distributing cryptographic facilities, providing ICT communication services, educational activities, etc. At the end of March 2017, the company completed its restructuring and was transformed in a JSC.