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Product line Infotech City

The product is included in the Russian Software Register

Direct Dialog Between Authorities and Citizens
to Resolve Issues Related to Municipal Institutions,
Housing and Public Utilities Services

Automated processing of requests and
applications submitted by citizens

Supervision of operations performed
by contracting organizations

The system allows people to promptly contact management companies,
the municipal administration

INFOTECH CITY makes it possible to automate the following processes

  • Handling housing and public utilities issues


    Handling housing and public utilities issues

    A quick and easy way to collect and process applications from citizens related to housing and public utilities issues and urban upgrade projects. The request is automatically forwarded to the agency in charge. The system itself checks the deadline for handling the issue and notifies the person who made the request about the outcome.

  • Ordering household services


    Ordering household services

    A convenient way to receive applications from citizens seeking online household services. Available experts and contractors reply to these applications and people are free to select the most suitable options. Payment for services can also be made online.

  • Discussing urban projects


    Discussing urban projects

    Open dialog between citizens and municipal authorities: discussion of current topics and projects, as well as online voting. Everyone can raise issues for discussion and monitor implementation of projects.

  • Collecting information from citizens


    Collecting information from citizens

    People can report abandoned (broken down) vehicles, defunct buildings and other facilities. Information obtained rapidly from volunteers allows authorities to carry out municipal projects while creating a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Statistics, analytics and reporting


    Statistics, analytics and reporting

    Performance indicators and reports are available in a user-friendly format.

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How Infotech City works

It is easily integrated into the municipal portal

Municipal portal

Infotech City

  • Municipal portal

    Citizen submits
    a request

  • Infotech City

    The request is sent automatically to a management co.

  • Infotech City

    A contractor
    is appointed

  • Municipal portal

    Citizen places
    work order

  • Infotech City

    Citizen is notified that work will be performed

  • Infotech City

    The contractor completes the job

Municipal administration,
State Housing Inspectorate,
Housing and Public Utilities Committee

Statistics, Analytics, Reporting

Infotech City users include

Kazan municipal

Infotech City users


  • Submit a request to the portal
  • Submit an application for household services
  • Requests/applications are processed
  • Receive confirmation that their request will be executed
  • Pay for the work performed
  • Participate in the discussion of projects and voting
  • Suggest ideas for municipal projects

The Management Company

  • Accepts and processes requests
  • Accepts and processes applications
  • Distributes requests among contractors
  • Assigns tasks to contractors
  • Supervises the deadlines and quality of work performed by contractors

Housing and community oversight bodies

  • Updates the list of licensed management companies and contractors
  • Accepts and processes public complaints
  • Publishes/posts online reports and analytics about complaints

Municipal Administration

  • Publishes/posts projects online for public discussion
  • Monitors review of public initiatives
  • Participates in and conducts voting
  • Publishes/posts online reports and analytics about requests and applications

Components of Infotech City

City-wide portal for citizens

System dispatcher interface

Mobile application for citizens

The contractor’s mobile application

City-wide portal for citizens

  • Submit complaints and requests
  • Send in public service applications
  • Receive up-to-date information on performance of municipal services
  • Participate in online voting

System dispatcher interface

  • Appoint the contractor for a request
  • Check the deadline and quality of work performed
  • Download the contractor’s job completion report

Mobile application for citizens

  • Submit complaints, requests or applications
  • Monitor the appointment of a contractor, deadlines and results
  • Evaluate the quality of work performed

The contractor’s mobile application

  • Browse through the entire description of the assignment
  • Send confirmation of job completion with a photo or video

Installation options for Infotech City

  • On a client server

    Software can be installed on the client’s local or remote server, training employees, technical support and troubleshooting.

  • Cloud

    Lease a fully functional system with cloud-based access. High SLA, saves times and money.

Infotech Group participates in state procurements

A project can also be arranged as a public-private partnership